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What makes CENTREX the better option when
compared with other EPABX systems?

Featured Products


Centrex 3100 CLIe: Fully Loaded fixed system with 3 trunk lines and 10 extension, CLI enabled and CTI enabled along with Hi-Tech features like LCR, Trunk guard, Auto Redial, Blank call recall, Live call monitor, Printer computer interface. Comes with built in RTC on balanced extension Circuit.


Centrex 4160 : Scalable, modular and fully loaded, 2 trunk lines & 8 Extension lines, expandable up to 20 ports in any configuration of 104, 005 or 203 cards.


Centrex 4160 CLIe: CLI, CTI enabled and fully loaded with 2 trunk lines & 8 Extension lines, expandable up to 20 ports in any configuration of 104, 005 CLIe expansion cards.




High Return On Investment (ROI) with smart features like LCR XP. If you are using services from different providers, Centrex will automatically dial from the least cost route and save you money. Your ROI with Centrex is at least Double that of a common EPABX system.


Ease of Use: Centrex is designed to be the most user friendly communication control system. You don’t need to be a technical expert to program it. And this is certified by our dealers and end users.

Modular: Most traditional systems would require you to junk the old one and invest in a new EPABX as your business grows. Centrex is designed to be modular to offer the users the important option of scaling up. Centrex can be scaled up to accommodate more trunk lines and extensions.


CLI ready: Know who is calling which number, while a particular extension is busy or who called you when you were not there at you desk. Centrex offers a host of CLI base smart features. You can program calls from outstation clients land directly on the desired extension using CLI based call routing. This makes you look smart to your outstation client and saves him money.

CTI enabled and computer connectivity: With growing use of computers everywhere it will be a wise decision to have a system that interfaces with Computers easily. Centrex supports Computer telephony integration. You can connect Centrex machines to the computer and program your specific CTI application. This is used in call centers applications, Interactive voice response systems and other telephone based automated response systems.


VOIP Enabled: Got a VOIP adaptor that you want to use with an EPABX? Centrex supports various VOIP terminal adaptors. You can simply plug it into the RJ 11 interface and use along with LCR.


Safety: All EPABX systems are susceptible to lightening current as the telephone cables transmit the current into the machine. This can cause sever damage and render the system unusable in future. Centrex uses re-settable fuses and other devices to protect the equipment from these kinds of fluctuations.

Serviceability: Centrex is designed to be modular. If there is a fault in the system you don’t have to disrupt usage till the system is repaired and sent back. Specific cards can be replaced on the site with minimal downtime with spare cards by dealers to ensure smooth operations.

Complete control: Not sure how to overcome the most common telephone misuse menace in office? You are not alone.


Telephone misuse is most common misuse of office resources. It not only costs money but also kills productivity as people while away their time in guise of performing official work. With Centrex you have an array of control features which can restrict misuse and boost productivity.

And for re-sellers…


• Internet based high quality support ticketing systems for sales support, accounts and dispatch    information,
• 18 months free warranty (12 months to end user).
• Free of cost catalogues and POP
• Fanatical after sales support from our committed staff.
• Freight-free delivery if you order through fax/E-mail.
• In-house R&D: continuous development of new features being designed based on dealers or end    users feedback.
• Exclusive dealership in smaller cites.
• Your customers are yours; we are not interested in your customer database.

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