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What makes CENTREX the better option when
compared with other EPABX systems?

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Centrex 3100 CLIe: Fully Loaded fixed system with 3 trunk lines and 10 extension, CLI enabled and CTI enabled along with Hi-Tech features like LCR, Trunk guard, Auto Redial, Blank call recall, Live call monitor, Printer computer interface. Comes with built in RTC on balanced extension Circuit.


Centrex 4160 : Scalable, modular and fully loaded, 2 trunk lines & 8 Extension lines, expandable up to 20 ports in any configuration of 104, 005 or 203 cards.


Centrex 4160 CLIe: CLI, CTI enabled and fully loaded with 2 trunk lines & 8 Extension lines, expandable up to 20 ports in any configuration of 104, 005 CLIe expansion cards.



CLI Enabled
CLI Based Call Routing
Least Call Routing (5 BSP)
• Power Auto Redial With LCR
• Trunk Guard
• Prefix Digit Dialing (Centrex Trunk)
• Denied & Allowed List
• Emergency Calling
• Flexible Extension Numbering (upto 4 digits)
• DISA - Direct Inward System Access
• DOSA - Direct Outward System Access
• Voice DISA With Customizable Music
• Auto Trunk Reservation
• Barge-in (Warning / Silent)
• Barge-in Protection
• Walk-in Class Of Service
• Alarms (Time, Daily & Date)
• User Friendly Dynamic Lock
• ASMDR Reports & Printout
• Global Memory Dialing
• Remote Programming
• Talk to Tone
• Emergency Group Calling
• Auto Cut for Lengthy Calls
• External Call Forwarding
• Hotel Motel Features
• Auto Call Back On Busy / No Reply
• Call Transfer After Consult / Busy
• Call Forwarding / Follow Me
• Call Parking / Park Pick Up
• Trunk Landing Groups
• Feature Access Tables
• Flexible Timers
• Distinctive Rings and Tones
• Auto / Manual Day-night / Lunch Mode
• Common / Selective / Trunk Access
• Single Digit Operator Calling
• Blank Call Recall
• Live Call Monitor
• ... and all the regular EPABX features



Hardware Features


• Balanced Extension Circuit
• Serial / Parallel interface
• Discrete Component Technology
• Universal Expandability 104/203/005 Cards
• Micro Controller Based Design
• 8x16 Cross Point IC for Faster Switching
• Integrated DTMF Transceiver with Intel Micro Interface



Centrex is not a stereo type EPABX system, it is an advanced communication control system designed to give you complete control on your communications. Some of the following features, clearly distinguish Centrex with the best EPABX systems available.




LCR (Least Cost Routing) allows you get the best of different service providers tariffs. You can configure Centrex to extract the best value from any service providers plan, e.g.: If a certain provider offers STD calls at a cheaper rate, Centrex will automatically dial using that line whenever any STD calls are made while you can sit back and count your savings.


CLI Ready:


Centrex offers you advanced CLI functionality coupled with simplicity to enhance productivity.

With Centrex you can trace missed calls. The feature that was so far only on mobile phones is now available on Centrex.

Some other CLI features include:


1. Internal and external CLI display on your telephone instrument.
2. CLI number display even on call transfer.
3. CLI based call routing to route known number calls to desired extensions directly.
4. CLI report printouts on printer and PC.
5. Compatible with most CLI Phones.





Centrex gives you the control to allow or deny a specific string of telephone numbers. Eg. If you want to block calls to mobile phones, then you can program the deny list with ‘98’.




Centrex can manage your service provider locks. You can open the lock to make ISD / STD calls and Centrex remembers to lock it once you are done.




Centrex offers power auto redial to dial into busy numbers before any one else does.




Centrex is extremely easy to program, you don't require an expert and this is certified by our customers and dealers.





308 eco - 3 Trunk Line & 8 Extensions
3100 - 3 Trunk Line & 10 Extensions
4160 - 2 Trunk Line & 8 Extensions. (Expandable to 20 Ports)
8320 - 4 Trunk Line & 16 Extensions. (Expandable to 40 Ports)
9600 - 4 Trunk Line & 28 Extensions. (Expandable to 96 Ports)
DSS 72 Operator Console
Expansion Cards - 104, 005, 203, 008, 206 Available in both CLI and Non CLI Models.


Please Check compatibility of various expansion cards with specific models

* Voice Module (optional) * Features Subject to Change without notice.

* CLI available in DTMF.

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